Rigging Toolkit

Python Script

Company: Personal Work

Technology: Maya

Time: 2018


This is a Python script made to improve and fasten a rigging workflow. It can be added to a shelf in Maya for easy acces.

The UI is made using the Qt designer.

The script creates controllers, with multiple shape options, at the position of the selected object or at the positions of multiple objects. The controllers also get the same orientation as the chosen objects. When nothing is selected, the shape is created at the origin.

The controllers are given a colour by enabling drawing overrides and selecting an index colour.

Controllers (or other objects) can be mirrored over the different axis’s and the mirrored objects can immediately be renamed with a search and replace function.

Objects can be placed under 1 or 2 groups at the position of the selected object. This can be used to zero out the values in the channelbox.

There is a fast and easy way to show or hide the local axis of all selected objects.

The last part of the script is made to create joint chains with evenly spaced joints, starting from a begin and end joint. To make, for a example, a spine or twisting joints. The joint chain can be made with any axis as the main orientation axis.

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