I'm Ilke Alers

Character Rigger

I am trained in FACS based facial rigs and realistic facial movement. But I am fascinated by all sorts of rigging! Especially character body and creature rigging.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • Epic Games (Cubic Motion - 3Lateral)

    Mar 2020 - Nov 2023 | Character Rigger

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Building high quality facial rigs and blendshape modeling for MetaHuman and both client and other internal projects using 3Lateral in-house tools and pipeline.

    MetaHuman, Black Myth: Wukong Cinematic, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

  • Cubic Motion

    Mar 2019 - Mar 2020 | Junior Character Rigger

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Facial rigging on various client and research projects, using different rigging pipelines from joints only rigs to full blendshape rigs.

    Mafia 2: Definitive edition, Yakuza 7, KDA Worlds 2020

  • Wonder Media

    Feb 2018 - Sep 2018 | Intern & Junior Rigger

    Antwerp, Belgium

    Internship and student job as a character rigger working on multiple in-house projects. Rigs were created for a custom real-time engine.


  • Digital Arts & Entertainment

    Howest, Kortrijk, Belgium

    Animation and Visual FX


Rigging Maya
Blendshape modeling Maya, ZBrush
Scripting Python (for Maya), Mel