Character Rig

  • Company: Wonder Media
  • Technology: Maya
  • Time: 2018


This is Allison. A character made for Wonder Media. I made the body and face rig for this character. The rig was made in a short amount of time due to deadline for this project.

About the rig:

  • The spine has an IK setup with FK possibilities as well as squash and stretch.
  • The arms and legs are stretchable and have an elbow/knee lock option. They can twist, both upper arm/leg as lower arm/leg.
  • The facial rig has joint based setup with additional blendshapes for blinking and a few other facial deformations.

This rig was made to work in Animation Now, the custom real time animation software from Wonder Media. Animation Now works similar to game engines. Therefor the rig uses only joints and blendshapes.

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